Apogee was founded in 1998 by Josephine Wong and Daniel Szuc and is based in Hong Kong.

Apogee’s primary focus is to:

  • Help business gain a deeper understanding of their users, their context and their needs
  • Contribute to the community of practice through writing articles and books

Apogee does this by:

  • Using immersive contextual interviews and the power of storytelling
  • Going into people's lives to let them show us how they think about, interact with and consider products and services
  • Collecting user stories
  • Inviting the business teams to join both the immersive contextual interviews and sense making workshops to co-discover and co-design concepts from the evidence presented in the stories as driven by user behaviour, motivations and frustrations
  • Providing insights from sense making workshops on strategic themes and roadmaps.

Apogee has also consulted and trained projects teams in domains including:

  • banking
  • hotels
  • logistics
  • media
  • ecommerce
  • utilities
  • mobility
  • consumer electronics
  • telecoms
  • mutual funds
  • insurance
  • fashion and
  • furniture to name a few.

Ultimately we help businesses shift from what is often an inward company centric view to an empathic customer view.

Client projects

For the past 20 years, we have helped the following clients :

  • Hospital Authority (Hong Kong)
  • Real Estate Australia (Australia)
  • Fidelity (Hong Kong)
  • HSBC (Hong Kong)
  • Hang Seng (Hong Kong)
  • DBS (Hong Kong)
  • CCBA (Hong Kong)
  • OCBC (Singapore)
  • The World Bank (China)
  • Asian Development Bank (Phillipines)
  • The Langham Group (Hong Kong)
  • Marriott (USA)
  • Fedex (USA)
  • Juniper Networks (USA)
  • PCCW (Hong Kong)
  • CLP (Hong Kong)
  • Reuters (Hong Kong)
  • The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
  • Google (USA)
  • Yahoo (USA)
  • eBay (USA)
  • Nokia (UK/Finland/China)
  • Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)
  • Asia Miles (Hong Kong)
  • Dell (USA)
  • Michelin (China)
  • Net-a-Porter (UK)