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Reach for Global Design Research Apogee is also a member of a Global Design Research network called REACH as co­founded with STBY. REACH is a network brings together a range of world­

About Apogee

Apogee was founded in 1998 by Josephine Wong and Daniel Szuc. Apogee’s primary focus is to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their users, their context and their needs.


Articles can be a useful way to take stock of the topics, themes and thinking that have emerged over time.


Dan Szuc has authored and co-authored the following books: From Sleepwalking to Sparkle By Daniel Szuc Dan strings together stories from his childhood, his early working years, and his recent past to shed


We use User Research and other Integrated Practices to help clients to Make Meaningful Work.

Make Meaningful Work

Why this question of make meaningful work? People spend considerable amounts of their time at work in projects that have little value. Projects are part of a larger system we call "work&